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Intro to Boating-NSBC

Module 1 - Shifting, Steering, Close quarters boat control. 3-hr course.


Precision Docking and Boat Handling-NSBC

Module 2 - 180-degree turnarounds, Docking on port & starboard, Departing from dock, SCAN procedures. 3-hr course.
*Module 2 Prerequisite: Module 1 or previous basic boat handling experience*


Open Water Boat Handling-NSBC

Module 3 - 180-Utilizing Boat Trim, Displacement & Planing, Ferrying, Emergency Stops. 3-hr course.
*Module 3 Prerequisite: Module 1 and/or Module 2*


Open Water Advanced Maneuvering-NSBC

Module 4 - Crossing Waves and Wakes, Person Overboard Retrieval, Sharp Turning on Plane, Advanced Avoidance. 3-hr course.
*Module 4 Prerequisite: Module 1 and/or Module 2 and Module 3*

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